Our School Staff

Mrs C Walker
(LLE- Local Leader of Education)

Assistant Head
Miss R Marks (EYFS Leader & Year 1 Red class teacher)
(SLE- Specialist Leader of Education for Early Years)

Teaching Staff

Mrs J Bolton (KS1 Leader &  Year 4 Pink A class teacher)
Mrs A Coward (Trust English subject Director, SLE English, KS2 Leader, Yea 6 Class teacher)
(KS2  Leader, SLE- Specialist Leader of Education for English)
Miss J Bell (Reception Orange class teacher)
(SLE- Specialist Leader of Education for Early Years) 
Miss H Clark (Trust Science Director, SLE Phonics, Year 4 class teacher)
(SLE- Specialist Leader of Education for Phonicss) 
Mrs S McCowen 
(Pupil Premium Leader & Year 2 Yellow class teacher)
Mrs K Paterson  (Nursery Purple Class Teacher)
Mrs L Case (Year 5 Class Teacher)

Miss L McAloone (Year 3 class teacher)

Mr B Burchell (Year 5 class teacher)


SENCo/ Year 4 Pink class teacher
Miss S Parrington (Inclusion, Attendance, Early Help Leader)

Support Staff

Mrs S Edmondson (Childcare Leader)

Mrs Z Harvey (SERIS & Kidsafe Leader)

Mrs A O’Brien (School admin)

Mrs A Herdman (School admin)

Miss C Tyson (TA apprentice)

Miss K McCabe (Childcare Assistant)

Mr O Moore (Trust Family Support Worker)

Miss N Noble ( Midday Supervisor)

Miss S Richardson (Midday Supervisor)

Mr K Lamb (caretaker)

Mrs E Allewell

Mrs K Kneale

Miss C Brand

Mrs J Walsh

Mrs A Ducie (Kidsafe Leader)

Support Staff

Miss B Gooding

Mr J Walker  (Sports & Behaviour Coach)

Mrs N Moyes

Miss C Humphreys

Miss E Flynn

Mrs C Long (Kidsafe Leader)

Miss K Charles

Mrs T Crompton

Miss L Johnston

Miss K Chatfield

Mrs K Gretton

Mrs M Griffiths (School Counsellor)

Miss K Storey

Mrs N Beddoes

Mr R Mason (IT Technician across the Trust)

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